Le Monde Doux

Gardumi bez vainas sajūtas visiem, ieskaitot vegāniska uztura piekritējus.

Celebrate the holidays, even the little ones! Enjoy life!

What do we offer?

An attractive and tasty gift or a gift when you don't know what will also be suitable for those who don't have a sweet tooth. 

Our vegan delicacy recipe is based on various vegetables such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes. They are combined to create an outstanding combination of flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.


Every day is like celebration!

With Le Monde Doux products you can make any moment special! 

Le Monde Doux vegan treats are perfect as a gift for a variety of people. Whether your friend or family member is vegan or just wants to enjoy delicious and healthy treats, our products will be a great source of joy.

Šie gardumi ir unikāli,
Tāpat, kā Tu.
Šie saldumi ir dabīgi,
Tāpat, kā saule.
Paldies, ka izvēlējies mūsu kūku,
Un zini, ka pie mums novērtēts Tu būtu.
Marta Robežniece

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